【Product Awards】2016 The COMPUTEX d & i Awards ceremony

2016/06/01【Product Awards】Cloud Control RTC730 Internet air-conditioning thermostat won the Innovative Design Award, on behalf of NHY, the General manager, Ms. Chan Guo-Hua accepted this award; th... More

【Exhibition】2016 CES ASIA Exhibition pomp

2016/05/12 [Exhibition] NHY microcomputer participated in the world's largest consumer electronics show(CES ASIA) 2016, by virtue of this new product - Cloud Control, attracted domestic and foreig... More

【Product Awards】Won 2016 The COMPUTEX d & i Awards.

2016/04/14【Product Awards】Cloud Control RTC730 Internet heating thermostat, won 2016 The COMPUTEX d & i Awards. The race for this award contains 12 countries, 253 innovative products that comp... More

【Important information】RTC730 Internet cloud control air-conditioning thermostat, got through the mi

2016/04/12 2016/04/12 【Important information】The Cloud control RTC730 Internet air- conditioning thermostat, got through the millet Eco-Cloud certification approval. Effective from now, will ... More