NHY Controller Co., Ltd. was established in 1985.

Committed to operating the air-conditioning & heating system Thermostats, consumer products, as well as ODM / OEM microcomputer controllers.

Integrate the access of case taking, R&D., manufacturing, sales and service in one of professional controller company.

Since 2000, we had been devoted to the drinking water quality and outdoor temperature measuring, as well as the air quality monitoring etc. in applying for multi-national invention and innovation patents. Put effort to build the helpful access construction for human health and environmental protection.

In 2015, NHY microcomputer itself accumulated more technical experiences,   combined with the internet, cloud platform, mobile APP, introduced all devices really onto the real era of cloud services, implemented the one milestone in monitoring, data analysis and management.


Business philosophy

Integrity, professional, innovation is our way and belief.

To pursue the difference always is our principle.

To combine the technology and nature is our idea.



Future Prospects

NHY microcomputer supplies the professional controllers (air conditioning & heating, kitchen appliances, electrical and mechanical equipment, and consumer products) and the best solution.

The professional and Innovative micro-computer controller, can achieve the best qualified and convenient products building. Therefore, from which, we expect to accomplish something that can enhance the quality of human life, safety and comfort.